Wiwa Blue (WIDI’Z)

Ottawa, Ontario
Wiwa Blue

WIDI’Z is a brand born from a passion for drawing and sewing. Wiwa Blue’s style is a modern fusion of Western and Eastern cultures, blending classic and contemporary elements. Her work is crafted in Canada, and she selects fine materials imported from France and Italy to tell elaborate stories. Her designs are known for their originality, creating a sense of sublimity and uniqueness. WIDI’Z creations reveal the encapsulated magic within the beauty of women.  


The breast cancer cause holds a special place in Wiwa Blue’s heart, but she also wanted to give back, bring smiles, and offer hope to women – letting them know they're not alone and that we stand with them.  

When thinking about love, Wiwa Blue envisioned the wide dresses from the 18th century European courts. The foundational shape is round with a flat front and back, but incredibly voluminous on the sides – commonly referred to as the "Robe à la panier."  

To add a touch of romance, she delicately embroidered a woman's face using art and tapestry techniques from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.