Smail Akdim

Smail Akdim

Originally from Rabat, Morocco, Smail Akdim studied economics before graduating in fashion, design and modeling design. He worked across Morocco and Europe, perfecting his art and mastering the technical knowledge of Haute Couture. Combining Western modernity with Eastern traditions, his creations pay tribute to ancient embroidery and baroque colours. In 2013, he moved to Montreal where he’s recently opened a new fashion house and showroom which showcases his distinguished style and artistic originality.


Smail Adkim’s inspiration comes from nature, and with Cashmere Bathroom Tissue he wanted to make a floral sculpture on a dress base. He used haute couture techniques, with assemblies entirely by hand. The dress has a floral look, with a silhouette bodice that ends in a trapeze volume from the waist to the bottom of the dress, all underlined with a big pink style headdress.