Shelli Oh

Toronto, Ontario
Shelli Oh

Shelli Oh is an Indonesian–Canadian designer of high-end luxury womenswear and menswear collections – created to inspire joy and a touch of whimsy by enticing the senses and evoking enchantment through design.

Shelli Oh has been acclaimed by critics as the womenswear designer synonymous with the words precious, feminine and ethereal. Over the years, her collection's delicate charm and signature prettiness has touched the hearts of consumers internationally, with their elaborate hand-sewn details, rich textiles and jeweled trims.


Being thrilled with the opportunity to come back, Oh took the 'Lovestruck' theme to heart. The inspiration for her creation stemmed from a personal place; a desire to remind those going through tough times and fighting tough battles to remember to love themselves, and rediscover that fire within and the little things that bring them joy.   

Trauma tends to awaken our 'fight or flight' response, and one tends to focus all their energy on pure survival, losing themselves in the process. The design of this piece comes from pure whimsy, with the intention of inspiring one to feel that spark of joy as a reminder that love starts with loving oneself.