Toronto, Ontario
Ross Mayer

R. Mayer Atelier by Ross Mayer is an award-winning Canadian designer brand creating signature collections in day and evening wear for over three decades.

Fueled by his passion for the couture process, R. Mayer Atelier custom pieces are handcrafted using contemporary dressmaking techniques and exude modern femininity and exquisite glamour. Through masterful precision and attention to detail, Ross has built his namesake brand by infusing every piece with a sense of elegance, sophistication and a modern approach to design. 


When asked to participate, Ross’ creativity went into overdrive. The theme “Lovestruck” was his starting point, and he aimed to create a unique design that embodied feelings of love and joy.

His process took him on a journey of reimagining a field of flowers enveloping the body and creating an architectural structure that would provide volume and shape. Hundreds of hand-formed flowers were applied to a neoprene base to create a dramatic silhouette that feels young and modern with a haute couture mood.

At the core of his design, Ross applied pink crystals in the form of a heart. This dazzling focal point was the heart and soul of his creation – bringing Lovestruck to life!