Nikki Wirthensohn Yassemi (NARCES)

Toronto, Ontario

Nikki Wirthensohn Yassemi serves as the Designer and Creative Director of NARCES, where she brings a unique perspective to fashion by considering it as a collection of artful expressions that gracefully blend modesty with a playful touch. Her designs are thoughtfully and meticulously crafted as collectible art pieces, encouraging wearers to explore their individuality through subtle contrasts. Nikki has been surrounded by design, art, and fashion all her life and draws inspiration from her diverse international background.  


A celebration of love's many forms, brought to life in a two-piece creation. Crafted from rose-textured Cashmere Bathroom Tissue, this hand embellished rose, is an ode to both the beauty of the female form and the timeless heart symbol. Going beyond the usual ways of showing emotions, it encourages us to embrace love in all its aspects, inviting us to wear our hearts not only on our sleeves, but close to our very selves. The design in its literal translation symbolizes the delicate balance between vulnerability and strength that shapes our connections with others and ourselves.