Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert (MRKNTN)

Montreal, Québec
Mark Antoine

MRKNTN is the culmination of the hard work of designer Markantoine Lynch Boisvert. Originally from Shawinigan he has acquired solid experience in the fashion world. In 2015, he started his eponymous brand MARKANTOINE. In parallel with the development of its brand since winter 2017, Lynch Boisvert shares its passion for the creation. In 2020, MRKNTN was created from the international restructuring of its initial project – a line of eco-conscious underwear for both men and women, crafted entirely in Quebec.


With this year's theme in mind, Lynch Boisvert drew inspiration for a two-piece garment. He was influenced by the quote 'LOVE IS LOVE,' which led him to create gender-neutral clothing. He employed a technique called slashing to achieve a 3D effect using layers of Cashmere Bathroom Tissue. The delicacy of these sheets allowed him to layer multiple times, resulting in an almost coral-like effect. The garments are simple yet employ a modern technique, all in the spirit of love and for the breast cancer cause.