Jim Searle and Chris Tyrell (Hoax Couture)

Toronto, Ontario
Hoax Couture

Hoax Couture was founded in 1985 by lawyer Chris Tyrell and architect Jim Searle. Within a year, the self-taught designers were already selling in premium fashion retailers around the world. Since 2008 they have run a bespoke tailoring and fashion design business in Toronto – creating clothing for private clients, corporations, major dance companies and synchronized skating champions. The duo is also responsible for founding Dare to Wear Love, a semi-annual charitable fashion event which has raised close to $1,000,000.   


For this year's Cashmere Collection outfit Hoax Couture chose to create a dress that epitomized Love... Laboriously hand crafted from hundreds of handmade Cashmere Bathroom Tissue flowers. This big fluffy heart dress is sure to bring joy to the wearer and its audience.