Farley Chatto

Toronto, Ontario
Farley Chatto

Farley Chatto is a Toronto-based designer renowned for his eponymous line of haute couture menswear launched in 1988. Trained in bespoke Italian menswear tailoring, Chatto apprenticed at Lesage in Paris, in the world of Haute Couture – as the “premier” for the couture houses. He has celebrated 35+ years of working in the fashion industry – dressing a myriad of A-list celebrities, working alongside global corporate clients, and providing costumes for beloved movie and TV productions.  


Farley Chatto’s inspiration for his design was a look back at the 20 years of his involvement with the Cashmere Collection. From being one of the first designers to its curators, it was his lovestruck feeling for the concept and the charitable motivation behind the Collection’s over the years.  

The design was an homage to the four previous designs he created (2004, 2009, 2013 & 2020) and a way to mine from his design heritage and follow the gentleman he first dressed as he developed and grew over the last 20 years. An amalgamation of his design elements and the techniques he developed and learned.