David Dixon

Toronto, Ontario
David Dixon

David Dixon, an award-winning designer, remained true to his vision and focused on what he felt was a gap in the Canadian Fashion Industry – Women’s contemporary evening wear or event dressing. Interpreting the marriage between the classics and the modern, David Dixon’s clothing combines luxury with the functional, and the aspiration with the sensible. Dixon is also an advocate and using fashion as a conduit for conversation; in his words, “Fashion is a language.” 


For this piece Dixon drew upon a few sources of inspiration – wanting to stay true to his pillars of design (authentic, aspirational and approachable), and wanted to explore softness, the power of strength & resilience – noting cancer affects everyone who supports those diagnosed. Dixon created a shape that encompassed a circular design in the full empire design adorned with flowers and pearls, where the eye travels around the body and, in essence, the soul.