Christopher Bates

Toronto, Ontario
Christopher Bates

Originally from Vancouver, Christopher Bates chose his real name to represent himself in the fashion world. Educated in Milan, this intrepid designer has achieved a meteoric rise in the fashion industry. The passion that Christopher Bates expresses is almost palpable, and apparent in every aspect of his life. He is versatile and particularly focused on beautiful, innovative details. He has an innate curiosity and is inspired by anatomy, architecture, geometry, and from other art forms such as cooking.


When Bates thought about making something beautiful out of Cashmere Bathroom Tissue the first thing that came to mind was origami. He was inspired by geometric shapes and, because of the origami folding technique, was able to incorporate them into his design three-dimensionally. As a fan of asymmetry, he factored that into the 1-shoulder style and abstract proportions and distribution of the shapes and folds. Bates opted for a hand-brushed ombré effect in pink to tie into both the breast cancer cause and this year's theme of lovestruck.