Caffery Vanhorne

Toronto, Ontario
Caffery Vanhorne

Caffery Vanhorne is an award-winning stylist offering years of experience in fashion and conceptual design. A multidisciplinary artist, Vanhorne exists in the worlds of fashion, photography and interior design. Often described as ‘a one man show,’ he not only creates alluring vignettes but is capable of photographing them through his own lenses. Working in his favourite mediums (combined with optimism) he manifests challenges and sets his sights on new endeavours that showcase his multi-faceted range.


Caffery Vanhorne was inspired by the orchid flower, its delicate but long lasting, and with time and nurturing it, blooms again; he felt the same similarity to the women in his life. Orchids have a minimalist but architectural quality, delicate but strong – just like tissue, and the women he admires. Vanhorne wanted something grand and angelic, minimal but excessive, so he created hundreds of petals and adored them with pearls to feel like water droplets – having lost two of his aunts to cancer. This collaboration is something he’s wanted to do for more than 15 years, to honor lost loved ones and all that are affected.