Frequently Asked Questions

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SpongeTowels® offers a high-quality portfolio of premium paper towels products. For details on all of our products, please visit our Products section.

Sponge Pockets® technology is built into our unique embossing pattern to provide added strength and absorbency, giving you everything you need to clean up all of your household messes.

Yes, our packaging can be recycled where community programs exist.

As one of the best-selling paper towel brands in Canada, SpongeTowels® paper towels are available at retail, grocery and drug stores across Canada. For a detailed listing of our retail partners, please go to our Where To Buy section.

If you can’t find your favourite SpongeTowels® product where you shop, please ask the store manager if they can order it for you.

SpongeTowels® paper towels are made by Kruger Products Inc. following our commitment to providing the finest quality tissue products to consumers.

Double–sided embossing means that the paper towel is embossed, or has an embossing pattern on both sides of the towel.

Any paper product can burn if used in a microwave or oven.  Always exercise care.

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  • durable Our strongest
  • absorbent Our most absorbent
  • choose a size Choose-a-size
  • maple leaf Canadian made

Our strongest and most absorbent premium paper towel to tackle your toughest messes. Choose-A-Size® format allows you to use as much or as little as you need.

  • durable Double-sided strength
  • durable Ultra absorbent
  • choose a size Choose-a-size
  • maple leaf Canadian made

Quality paper towel with Sponge Pockets® Technology for superior absorbency.