For A Better Planet: What We’re Made Of

We believe in sustainability without sacrificing quality.

Bonterra® was created with a thoughtful approach - from product development to manufacturing, packaging, design, and partnerships – to offer a full bundle of more sustainable attributes. We let our shoppers guide every decision with rigorous testing, to ensure our products fit your needs.


We care about the origins of our materials, and their impact on the world


FSC® Certified

Bonterra® paper products are Forest Stewardship Council® Certified for using responsible fibre which considers the environment. This third party certification ensures we meet strict environmental and social standards.


A Responsibly Sourced Product

Bonterra® paper products are responsibly sourced and made from 100% recycled paper. Using recycled paper in our products helps to preserve our landscape and protect natural resources.

We believe in sustainability without sacrificing quality, and developed our products to meet high standards on thickness, softness, and absorbency. Check out our product pages to see all product attributes.


Plastic-Free Packaging

We said no to the industry-norm of paper products in plastic packaging and designed a more sustainable version. Bonterra® packaging is made from materials that can be easily recycled across Canada – paper and paperboard, with water based inks and glues. We even created a unique paper window for our tissue cartons!

Verified Product Carbon Footprint

We have calculated and verified Bonterra’s Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) with support of the Carbon Trust. The PCF considers the cradle-to-grave life cycle emissions of the product and is compliant to ISO 14067:2018 - Greenhouse gases — Carbon footprint of products. To view our certificate, click here.

Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

Carbon neutral

Bonterra® paper products are manufactured in a carbon neutral manner.

We offset the emissions from Bonterra’s Product Carbon Footprint by retiring third-party verified carbon credits on an annual basis.

The verified carbon credits we purchase from Ostrom Climate are from the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project, an Improved Forest Management project located on the Pacific coast of British Columbia. The project is owned and developed by First Nations living within the project area, represented by the Coastal First Nations and the Nanwakolas Council. They, in collaboration with the British Columbia government, worked together to create a balanced system that sustains biodiversity and an enriched community via carbon finance.

Additionally, the manufacturing sites of Bonterra products are certified ISO 50001 which focuses on efficient energy management.

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